Pirate Life Imperial IPA 16 x 500ml CAN

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Pirate Life Imperial IPA 16 x 500ml CAN

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The taste of this IPA from these big boy 500ml cans comes on like a freight train. Think full on citrus aromas and a belting in the back palate from a hop bitterness. And yet. All that action is balanced by a strong hop base and what they call “fun juice”; that is, alcohol. The IIPA is 8.8% ABV. It might sound like a lot, but it adds a rounding quality to the beer that’s impossible to resist.

Meeting as apprentices at BrewDog, young brewers Jack and Jared decided one day they’d make beer like a Pirate would: care free, relaxed and brewing whatever they felt like. Fast forward a few years, swap chilly Aberdeen for Port Adelaide, and you’ve got a tasty craft brewery that nails the classics, the harebrain and the inspired alike.

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