Pirate Life Pale Ale 16 x 355ml Can


Pirate Life Pale Ale 16 x 355ml Can

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We love a bit of ambition here at Wine Brothers and the Pale Ale brief was just that. Create a US-style Pale Ale that could be sent to San Diego and stand proud at any bar. 

Pirate started with a bucket load of deep, dark hops which take centre stage with a citrusy, pine forest floor kind of character. With a sharp caramel malty backbone, there’s a creamy, lushness to the palate for this 5.4%-er that’s very tasty indeed. Then there's something herbal there too and a hearty bitterness to wrap things up. Chin, chin!

Meeting as apprentices at BrewDog, young brewers Jack and Jared decided one day they’d make beer like a Pirate would: care free, relaxed and brewing whatever they felt like. Fast forward a few years, swap chilly Aberdeen for Port Adelaide, and you’ve got a tasty craft brewery that nails the classics, the harebrain and the inspired alike.