Pontifex Shiraz

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Q: How did we at Wine Brothers last our first 18 months without a Barossa Shiraz (probably Australia’s most famous variety/region combo) in our range? 

A: We were waiting to find the right small batch producer. And now we found them!

Pontifex is the brainchild of Sam and Helen Clarke  - they are both well established Barossa people with serious business and family ties to some of the big players in town. Pontifex is their project, this is their stamp on the industry, this is their expression of passion, of place, of purpose. Serious small batch. Seriously good.


"A classic vintage from the Barossa with plenty of warmth throughout Summer after a dry Spring. Vintage started early and finished early with all varietals ripening easily and developing great flavor across the vineyards. Deep red-purple colour, with a nose consisting of plum and blackberry, soft smoky oak. The body offers firm but even tannins lead to a long finish." Sam Clarke


Beef (BBQ, Roast or Stew), Duck, Aged or Hard Cheese


Barossa Shiraz - does what Barossa Shiraz is meant to do. Length in the finish puts this in the premium category.