Provenance Geelong Pinot Noir


Provenance Geelong Pinot Noir

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Geelong, VIC
ALC: 13.5%

Woah nelly. You’ll want to gulp this one down. The best of the West’s 2013 Pinot vintage comes to the party. On the nose, you’ve funky silage contrasting with red fruits. Then pure harmony on the palate. Silky-as-anything. Yum.

Provenance does what it says on the tin, exceptionally well. After getting hooked on the small winemaker dedication early doors, these guys know great wine starts in the vineyard. They seek out spots with an interesting origin and identity to create… you guessed it… a bloody good drop. Most vineyards are in Geelong, Ballarat and ultra-cool Macedon. Some they own, some they lease. A winery without a fixed abode might be a challenge. But, boy, does it pay off.


"This barrel selected wine displays our best Geelong regional Pinot Noir of vintage 2013. True to its provenance the palate is a harmonious blend of restrained power and elegance. The silky texture and long finish speak to this vineyard's great site."


Mushrooms should get a good look in here. Risottos, stir fries, or pop your foraging hat on and find some wild boys. White pizzas are also decent (that’s pizza without the tomato base. We know, mind blown).


JH Score: 96 Points.