Tar & Roses Wine Dinner

Tar & Roses



Join Wine Brothers for a night with Tar & Roses Wines. Darren Gall, Regional Brand Ambassador for Tar & Roses will present 5 wines paired with the French Modern Cuisine of Le Bistro Winebeast in Wan Chai.


Date - Tuesday, 26th of March
Time - 7pm 
Location - Le Bistro Winebeast, Wan Chai
Cost - $658 including service
Format - 4 courses, 5 wines.  
Pinot Grigio 2018
Lewis Riesling 2017
Crab Tartare, smoked herring caviar, Thai herbs
Sangiovese 2016
Oeuf en Meurette, poached egg in wine sauce, bacon powder, crispy bread
Shiraz 2017
Charolais Beef Sirloin, potato purée, truffle
Nebbiolo 2016
Artisan Cheese Platter: Manchego, Pecorino, Comté de Savoie

Tar & Roses Wine

Since 2004, Don Lewis and Narelle King have been making wine in Priorat, Spain. Their immersion within the classic European wine regions and varietals sparked their interest in how these varietals could be grown and made in their own regions within Central Victoria.


The secret of the exceptional grape growing region of Heathcote has only been revealed in the last 15 years. Our vineyards are on the edge of the Cambrian soil belt running north from the township Colbinabbin and on the deep red Cambrian soils themselves.

The vineyard on the edge of the Cambrian soil delivers powerful fruit characters and colour. Here, soils are shallower than the more productive deeper soils of the north and as a result, less productive. This generally results in vines with reduced vigour and lower yields, giving greater intensity of fruit flavour.

The Cambrian soil has good water holding capacity and this, with the warm climate and cool nights, allows the vines time to ripen a balanced crop load during the growing season and produce excellent varietal definition.

Alpine Valleys

The Alpine Valleys are a relative newcomer to the wine industry and as the name suggests, consists of the valleys of four major rivers in the region - the Buckland, Buffalo, Keiwa and Ovens rivers.

There are a variety of climates in the area which span from quite cold high altitude sites to the relatively warm valley floors. Despite the region being somewhat new viticulturally, the vineyard we source our tempranillo from, which is planted on the warmer valley floor, actually has some of the oldest plantings of Tempranillo in Australia. First planted in 1989, these vines are over 20 years old and although planted in very fertile, rich loam soils, they are low yielding due mainly to their age. These lower yields bring more concentrated fruit flavours to the wine.

Strathbogie Ranges

The vineyards in the Strathbogie Ranges are ideal for producing aromatic varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

At an elevation of around 400 metres, the temperature and high number of sunshine hours is paramount in allowing the vines to ripen slowly, maximising the colour and flavour compounds of the grapes.



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