The Bondar Pack

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Growing wine by the beach. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it. Now here’s some real up-and-comers. Rooted in the McLaren Vale with lofty ambitions, Bondar has been part of the furniture in the Young Gun top 50 the last few years. Theirs is a small family outfit. With the oldest vines dating back to the 1950s and now in the hands of exacting winemaker Andre Bondar, every vintage is something different and complex, familiar yet fresh. Wine to get properly, unstoppably excited about.

6 Pack

1x Fiano 

1x Chardonnay 

1x Rosé 

1x 'Junto' GSM 

2x 'Violet Hour' Shiraz

12 Pack

2x Fiano 

2x Chardonnay 

2x Rosé 

2x 'Junto' GSM 

4x 'Violet Hour' Shiraz