The Discovery Pack

Wine Brothers

The Discovery Pack -
The ultimate mix of direct-sourced, small batch Australian wine. 
Summer of 2017. For those that can't make up their mind, we make it for you. Too easy...  
The Mixed Discovery Pack consists of:
2015 5OS Grenache Rosè  x3 
2015 Long Yarn Sauvignon Blanc x3
2015 Long Yarn Pinot Noir x3
2014 5OS Nero Blend x3
The Red Only Discovery Pack consists of; 
2015 HH 'Mongrel' Sangiovese  x3
2015 Long Yarn Pinot Noir x3
2014 Loom SV Shiraz x3
2014 5OS Nero Blend x3  


Category: mixed

Type: Mixed Pack

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