The Hugh Hamilton Pack

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Hugh Hamilton Wines have become stars here in Hong Kong! As a small batch producer Hugh takes pride in every single bottle he producers - with his name and signature a representation of his passion. Genuine kit! 


The Flock is a collection of his favourite (and his 'Black Sheep' followers) wines. They are quirky, they are lively, they good fun; you will laugh with the 'Trickster', you will be wooed by the 'Mongrel', you will be lulled in by the 'Rascal'. Playful names. Serious wines.Meet the Flock...


3 Pack

1x ‘Villain' Cabernet 

1x 'Mongrel' Sangiovese Blend

1x ‘Rascal’ Shiraz  

6 Pack

2x ‘Villain' Cabernet 

2x 'Mongrel' Sangiovese Blend

2x ‘Rascal’ Shiraz 

12 Pack

4x ‘Villain' Cabernet 

4x 'Mongrel' Sangiovese Blend

4x ‘Rascal’ Shiraz