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Sauvignon Blanc can be soooo good. There are plenty of lovers (and plenty of haters). We can't tell you what you like, we can't make you like it but.... if you like Australian Sauvignon Blanc, you will love this pack we have put together. The best small batch Sauvignon Blanc Australia has to offer, all packed up together neatly ready for you. 


*Please note; Small batch comes, small batch goes. We will update the wines this pack regularly - it may change*

6 Pack ($650 per pack)

3x Mike Press Sauvignon Blanc
3x The Spectacle Sauvignon Blanc

12 Pack ($1200 per pack)

6x Mike Press Sauvignon Blanc
6x The Spectacle Sauvignon Blanc

24 Pack ($2000 per pack)

12x Mike Press Sauvignon Blanc 

12x The Spectacle Sauvignon Blanc