Three Oaks Cider 24 x 330ml Bottle


Three Oaks Cider 24 x 330ml Bottle

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Crisp, clean, refreshing. You had me at hello. This cider screams (so loudly) to be the perfect pallet cleanser on a sunny afternoon - "extremely smash-able" is the bang-on description from our ever eloquent and well educated wine tasting team here in Hong Kong. Play on we say... 


Three Oaks Cider Co. was established in 2008 by the winemakers at Step Rd Winery, Langhorne Creek. Inspired by their founders desire to produce a premium cider and readied with a name reflecting his Adelaide Hills properties historic oak trees. Three Oaks Cider draws inspiration directly from the orchard with the aim to deliver a fresh, crisp cider with a wonderfully balanced palate and sweetness. Made by winemaker for the wine drinkers. These champions speak our language and we love it.  






We start with the ripest fruit which is handpicked, then juiced by our expert growers before making their way to our winemakers at Langhorne Creek. Fermentation starts with the addition of natural yeast and continues over 10–14 days at a cool temperature. Our winemakers meticulously check baume (sugar) and flavour levels, ensuring the perfect refreshing beverage. Why natural yeast and cool fermentation you ask? Well it ensures that we retain the natural fruit flavours so you get that delicious, just took a bit out of the fruit taste! The result, well, we think it speaks for itself


The palate is complex and well balanced, with noticeable fresh, Red Delicious apple notes giving way to a crisp, clean finish driven by the natural acidity in the apple juice. The combination of varieties provides a balance of sweetness, acidity andtannins, ensuring a rounded palate and wonderfully refreshing finish.

Food Match

Roast pork belly with apple and fennel salad, shredded chicken salad. Also... Sunshine. Rooftops. Good times. Friends.