Wellness & Wine with Rachel Atkins

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As part of our 'Women of Wine' Wine Club, we will be welcoming Rachel Atkins to Hong Kong on the 30th of May.

In the words of Rachel:

"It was a no brainer, women, wine and stories about what we now call our work - life balance. But it took me 45 years to get there.
I love the wine industry. I love Fox Gordon. I even love my husband and kids.
Owning Fox Gordon gives me autonomy, empowerment, creative freedom and challenge after challenge after challenge.
My story started with triggers like;
saying yes to absolutely everything, (I once wrote down how many things I agreed to which was one full A4 page long, including dying my hair a bad shade of blonde;
a fear of judgement (don’t get me started on my mother);
and that feeling of being the mouse on the treadmill, flat out, all day, all night.
Draining mini bars in hotel rooms in Hong Kong and China had made me anxious.

So I started to make some small changes, aligned to my own values and passions, things I could do in small manageable chunks to prevent me from raiding the cellar at home every night."

Hear more of Rachels stories and join us to talk about balance in all aspects of life.


Thursday 30th May


The Tasting Room by Wine Brothers SHEUNG WAN

Tickets: $300