AULD Family Mixed Pack

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South Australia. Vineyards. Barossa Valley Through and Through. The Auld family name has been a solid and consistent name in South Australian since since their great, great grandfather planted vines over 150 years ago. Now, six generations later, Jock and Sam are carrying on the legacy. 

They make wines true to their own experiences. As Barossa born and raised, Jock and Sam will attest to having red wine being in their blood. They have gone about their way in an unassuming and modest manner, letting the quality of the wines doing the talking. And talk they do...

The first release, of which we are lucky enough to get an allocation of, is a great throwback to that South Australian upbringing; Shiraz, Cabernet and blends of. The William Patrick Auld is about as Barossa as a Barossa Shiraz gets - a truly great example of a wine variety and style that has put that region on the map. The Wilberforce Cabernet Shiraz is the value pick of the bunch. 

Mixed Pack

4x Wilberforce Riesling
4x Wilberforce Cabernet Shiraz
4x Strawbridge Cabernet

Premium Pack

2x Strawbridge Shiraz
2x Strawbridge Cabernet
2x William Patrick Auld Shiraz

Tasting Pack

1x 'Wilberforce' Riesling

1x 'Wilberforce' Cabernet Shiraz 

1x 'Strawbridge' Cabernet