Wine Wallet Rewards

What is the Wine Wallet?

Rewards. You love them, we love them, everyone loves them. When you purchase anything from our Wine Brothers HK store, you can accumulate points(Dollarydoos) that convert into vouchers. These vouchers can then be used at our checkout to discount your total shopping cart goodies.

What you get

1000 Dollarydoos = 100 HKD off Voucher
2500 Dollarydoos = 250 HKD off Voucher

How it works

1. Activate your Wine Wallet
2. Spend on Wine Brothers HK store, or earn Dollarydoos
3. With enough Dollarydoos - Redeem your voucher at checkout
4. Enjoy!

How to get Dollarydoos

Spend Every 1 HKD spent = 1 Dollarydoo

Activate your Wine Wallet
For just activating or opening your Wine Wallet (no velcro this time) = 250 Dollarydoos.

Referral Refer a friend and...
You - get a 250 HKD voucher
Your mate - gets a 350 HKD voucher

Birthday Celebrate and that’s 500 Dollarydoos

Social media love
Follow us on Instagram = 100 Dollarydoos
Like us on Facebook = 100 Dollarydoos


1. How do I activate my Wine Wallet?
Click Wine Wallet in the main menu, which appears in all Wine Brothers HK pages. Click the link ‘Activate Wine Wallet’ and follow the prompts.

2. I’ve received an email notifying me about 250 Dollarydoos, but I haven’t opened my wallet yet. What do I do?
Because you purchased from us, this is simply a reminder that you can activate your Wine Wallet to earn 250 Dollarydoos. Only if you haven’t already! These Dollarydoos are not active for you to use yet.

3. How do I use the Dollarydoos voucher?
Once your Wine Wallet is activated, you can earn Dollarydoos by a number of ways. You must reach 1000 Dollarydoos for the 100HKD voucher and 2500 for the 250HKD voucher. There will be a link to redeem your respective voucher. Here you’ll find a code which you can copy & paste into the checkout discount bar. When the voucher is used in one purchase, it will deduct the same Dollarydoo amount from your Wine Wallet.