Beer + Cider

Beer + Cider

Ooft, that first sip of a knock-off froff. You want to make it a good one, and only an Aussie beer really does the trick. That’s why we got the best stubbies and tinnies from Aus and brought them over to Hong Kong. Home’s where the beer is, right?

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA (Non-Alc) 375ml Cans
Heaps Normal Another Lager (Non-Alc) 375ml Cans

Cheers to the best sessionable craft beer in Hong Kong

Do you often find yourself stopping by the closest supermarket to grab any old six pack of beers, then finding it doesn’t quite quench your thirst on a fine hot Hong Kong evening? That the uninspiring taste falls a little flat. Feels somehow disappointing?

If there’s one thing Hong Kongers and Aussies have in common,
it’s the love of a good cold beer. And c’mon let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a big gulp of said beer on a hot and sticky day.
We’ll always give credit where it’s due, and the microbreweries
all over the 852 do a decent job on the local frothies scene.
But try as we might, we couldn’t help missing the
craft beers made with that inimitable Aussie touch.

To make sure you’re drinking the very best beer, we’ve brought over
a tightly curated selection of craft beers and ciders from some
of Australia’s finest breweries and brew houses to HK.
Because hey, you deserve it!

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Life’s too short for mediocre beer

Your tribe of enthusiastic booze guzzlers deserve the best service.
No quibbling on that. It’s why our business runs on integrity and honesty, always. Through this, we want to pass on the best booze
we can get our hands on. Our passion runs deep, our knowledge
even deeper, so if you’ve got any questions please
don’t hesitate to pick our brain.

While we specialise in all things vino, we know a thing or two about great beers (it’s quite possible we’ve had more than a few proper sessions in our time). Whether it's helping you find a bespoke answer
to your needs or simply just answering your questions about the Australian beer and ciders we offer in our online store, we’ve got you.

The best Australian beers in Hong Kong with even better deals

Here at Wine Brothers, we proudly import, store and distribute 100%
of our tightly curated edit of beers and ciders from Australia to
Hong Kong. This means our online store offers you the highest quality premium Aussie beer at the most competitive prices. Take a leisurely scroll through our selection of beer and ciders now
and discover a new thirst-inducing world.