10 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Hugh Hamilton Wine

Wine Brothers Media June 21, 2017


1. “Top notch wine shouldn’t cost a fortune”.

 Yet for some reason in Hong Kong, it seems to. Cue Wine Brothers, who have directly sourced Hugh’s wines taking out all middlemen, and more importantly, keeping the wine priced for your drinking pleasure. Bottles bought in packs of six range from $160 per bottle to $230 per bottle. 


2. Delivered to your door the very next day (with a cheeky discount for the month of June) . 
 WineBrothers.com.hk is launching Hugh’s wine in Hong Kong, and launching it with a bang. After 2 sold out wine dinners, we are now opening the full catalogue up to the value deprived drinkers (that’s you) of Hong Kong.


3.“With age comes wisdom…".

 180 years old, in fact.   The Hamilton family have been making wine since 1837 and can put a claim to being one of Australia’s oldest winemaking family.  (Note for those playing at home; while we cannot confirm how old Hugh himself is, he was not born in 1837).


4.The Sheep. They are everywhere. 

 Every one of Hugh’s wines is named after a quirky sheep character, mostly after people in his life.  The real mystery - he has never revealed who the characters actually represent. ‘The Drama Queen’? Rumour has it his daughter (Holly) and wife (Pam) can both lay claim to this. Which one are you? Rascal? Trickster? Mongrel? The only way to find out is to try each of these wines… many times.


5. The Black Sheep. Every family has one.

 Hugh is the Black Sheep of his family. He was born into winemaking royalty yet has gone his own way, gone rogue in a way. He answers to nobody. Hugh has created his wines and legendary reputation based on his own hard work, his detailed knowledge of grape growing and wine making and his own love of drinking the good stuff.


6. "McLaren Vale makes the best Shiraz in the world”.

Indisputable opinion. Arguable fact. We could talk climate, we could talk soil, we could talk geology. Instead, let’s let the wine do the talking.


7. Independent and Anti-establishment.

See any of Hugh’s wines in the local supermarket? Nope See it advertised at the warehouse-sized wine shop? Never. Hugh prides himself on making his wines with passion and with style, and most importantly, directly for his flock (sheep gag - rofl) of followers.  Almost all of his wine is sold directly through his cellar door or delivered to the grateful homes of his wine club members. In Hong Kong, you will only find it available through the Wine Brothers.


8. Saperavi. Heard of it? Not many have.

A Georgian variety and a bloody ancient one at that - if I remember my days in Sunday School correctly then I believe it was the wine they were all drinking in biblical times (note; this claim cannot be verified as the editor has a questionable attendance record at Sunday School). A dark, alluring wine that adds depth and character. Hugh was the first in Australia to plant Saperavi in his McLaren Vale vineyard and remains a staunch supporter of this boutique variety.  His ‘Black Ops’ is a blend of Shiraz (85%) and Seperavi (15%). Grab it while it's hot: CLICK HERE


9. You can buy a mixed 6-Pack so you can sample all four of Hugh’s wines currently in Hong Kong.


10. WineBrothers.com.hk is offering $100HKD off your first “Hugh Hamilton” purchase.

Delivered directly to your door. For once in your life, be a sheep, follow the flock.  Use the discount code ‘WelcomeHugh’ at checkout. CLICK HERE to see the full collection



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