5OS Makes a Splash in Hong Kong

Wine Brothers Media February 01, 2018

Some Numbers... 

1 Winemaker. 3 Nights. 4 Events. 5 Wines. 150 Guests. 180 Bottles Consumed. 

What an effort! 

Winemaker and 5OS ambassador Lucas Armstrong played host as we proudly put on 4 events in three nights. It was a great opportunity for our loyal tribe of followers to meet one of the winemakers behind 5OS. 

5OS are leaders in the small batch wine game in Australia and the passion was evident through Lucas' in-depth explanation of what defines the 5OS movement.  

The 5OS project, through an array of talented winemakers that call it home, are forging a new path for Australian wine, and creating an ever-brightening spotlight on small batch winemaking and the positive yet disruptive effect it can have. This is the front line of modern winemaking.

Over the 4 events, we were treated to a mere snapshot of The 5OS Project, five wines (over five courses). Five unique and interesting wines. Five wines that are carrying with them stories of people, of passion and art. Lucas was adamant about not making our tribe wine critic’s, and not being here to award trophy’s or points, but being here in Hong Kong to enlighten, being here to push your boundaries. 




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