How to survive Australia Day in Hong Kong…..

Wine Brothers Media January 18, 2017

 Let’s start off with some cold-hard facts.

AUSTRALIA DAY in Hong Kong is not a big thing (yet).

There is no beach. It's not bloody warm. Triple J is not on the wireless. And I do not see an ambulance of Ford Falcons driving around with Clarke Rubber Aussie flags on the bonnet.  The whole set-up is a few tinnies short of a slab.


So, the Wine Brothers crew are here to make your life better. Check out our Top 6 Australia Day Tips (note - most of them aren’t on Australia Day).



The wireless was a masterpiece of its time. It is now as relevant as Warwick Capper running for mayor of the Gold Coast in a pair of gold speedos (editorial notes: highly irrelevant).  With the inter-webs now taking over the world you can tune into the JJJ’s live and get the full Hottest 100 in all it’s hipster glory. i-Phone, Laptop, Discman (no, not Discman), Smart TV - they can all become your wireless for the day and take you back to the sweet sweet sound of Australia Day.



It’s not warm outside - don’t worry about it. Have a BBQ - there are plenty of spots in Hong Kong. In fact, the Leisure and Culture Department lists over 50 individual BBQ pit sites. Just get out there and chuck a shrimp on the barbie (#SaidNoAussieEver).  The legends at Localiiz HK have put together a cracking list (CLICK HERE). If you are in need of some premium Aussie meat, look no further than our friends at Farmers Market (CLICK HERE). Use ‘Winebrothers’ at checkout for a 10% discount - winning! And you know where to get the wine.



Ever sit there wondering what happened to Anthony Callea from Australian Idol? Neither do I.  On a side note, his doppelgänger (the extremely talented Justin Barbaro) leads a motley crew of reasonably excitable musicians right here in Hong Kong - and they are performing on Australia Day itself (26th of January for those half way through the article and still wondering what is going on).  ‘The Benchwarmers’, as they are affectionately known, will be performing Aussie classics from 6pm at Rula Bula in LKF.  Expect Khe Sanh and Still Call Australia Home to be on repeat. Doors open at 4pm and multiple drinks specials will be available all night.  CLICK HERE for details



It would be unaustralian to work on Australia Day. Luckily, this beauty of an event is on Friday 20th - almost an Australia Day preview. Sit down for a remarkable lunch to celebrate Australia Day with Holly Ransom, the Youngest ‘Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women’. There is a good chance that listening to young Aussie influencers (like Holly) will lead us all in the right direction.  This event is hosted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce at the Island Shangri-La - definitely worth a look!  CLICK HERE for more details



Nothing oozes Australian culture like a snag on the barbie out the front of Bunnings on a Saturday arvo. There is no Bunnings here in Hong Kong, and this event is on a Sunday, but this good old fashioned Sausage Sizzle will give you a taste of home. With a name like the “Hong Kong Sizzle Association’s Inaugural Sausage Sizzle” you are bound to find what you are looking for (if that is a sausage sizzle).   CLICK HERE for all the important details



Apart from the Carlton Draught Ad where thousands of blokes ran around with beer chanting ‘it’s a big ad’ (how bloody good was that ad - unbeatable), nobody has ever enjoyed watching TV adverts. Until now. A bit of history, a bit of humour. Every year we get a different Lamb based ad, this year has gone next level - in a big way - What an ad! Get online and watch this ad ASAP.  The 2017 Lamb Advert -Australia Day.   CLICK HERE


Above all else. Enjoy yourself (preferably with a glass of direct-sourced, small batch Australia wine)

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