The Ultimate Easter Wine Pairings. #SaveTheBunnies

Wine Brothers Media April 10, 2017

Easter is here. While there will be plenty of chocolate floating around, we think you should aim higher. #SaveTheBunnies. Spend your Easter holiday eating, and eating well. With every good meal, should come great wine. We here at Wine Brothers HQ have put together a survival guide for pairing up your Easter Feast. 


Pairing with Ham


Try these wines: Riesling, or Pinot Noir

What you're looking for in your wine:

A light to medium body - nothing that is going to overwhelm the little piggy. For the white lovers, keep it simple; a pinch of acidity, a touch of fruit and an abundance of freshness. The acidity makes for a classic counterweight to the saltiness and richness of the ham.   In the red corner, focus on less tannic with a bit of personality.

2016 Long Yarn Riesling at $130 per bottle 

2015 Long Yarn Pinot Noir at $160 per bottle


Pairing with Lamb

Try this wine: Shiraz

What you're looking for in your wine:

Red meat. Australian Red Wine (aka Shiraz). End of.

The first port of call (naturally) is Australia’s most famous red variety, Shiraz. Aussie Shiraz oozes class - think bold, fruity aromatics - think dark, elusive colour - think rich and spicy pallet. Tick!

A medium-to-full bodied wine with a healthy set of balanced tannins will make for the perfect pairing!

Whether you're serving a big rack of lamb, a solid lamb roast or even just a leg of lamb, you can't go wrong with a Shiraz!

2015 Long Yard Shiraz at $150 per bottle

2014 Loom SV Shiraz at $195 per bottle  

Pairing with Fatty Fish


Try this wine: Chardonnay

What you're looking for in your wine:

Medium to full-bodied whites for rich salmon.

A classic pairing - fish and white wine. With a fattier fish, it is important to have a white wine that can hold it’s own, and finding this can often be a challenge.  Chardonnay is the world's most widely grown white grape, meaning there is a large spectrum of flavour profiles in circulation, particularly when we start talking about the use of oak. Oak is not the enemy - oak should be the friend of any skilled winemaker (when used correctly).

Balanced oak. Oak that is used to enhance the flavour profile and body of a quality wine. Oak that compliments rather than overpowers. When oak is combined with top-class fruit and an inspired winemaker, Chardonnay can be an absolute treat.

2015 ESS&SEE Chardonnay at $170 per bottle  

Pairing with Vegetables


Try these wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot

What you're looking for in your wine:

Veggies can come in all forms, with such a diverse range of cooking methods.

If your veggie dish is a little lighter, try a Sauvignon Blanc, a wine that tends to pair well with a variety of foods.

If you are cracking on with some roast veggies, a medium-bodied red is your answer. A smooth, balanced Merlot will go down a treat.

2015 Long Yarn Sauvignon Blanc at $140 per bottle 

2013 5OS Merlot at $185 per bottle 

Bubbles for Brunch

Try this wine: Sparkling Shiraz

What you're looking for in your wine: A bit of excitement, a bit of a party starter, and a bit of spark in your life!

There is no better way to get in a celebratory mood than to pop the cork on some bubbles.  Don’t always think sparkling should come in the form of white… Sparkling red can match it with the best. Not only will this get the party started, it's also a fabulous wine to finish on.

NV Long Yarn Sparkling Shiraz at $185 per bottle


Stay tuned….

‘Beat the Bunny - 5 badass Wine and Chocolate pairings’. Coming this Easter Friday!

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