Auld Family Wines - Behind the scenes

Wine Brothers Media June 25, 2019

The Auld Family Emerging


We sit down with Jock Auld, Co-Founder of Auld Family Wines for a deep and meaningful on what it all means.... 

This was recorded live, and edited to make it both fit-for-consumption and grammatically legible. 

Why Auld Family Wines, why now?

Auld Family Wines came about catching up with Sam, my younger brother, in the Barossa, and seeing our other mates having a crack, and seeing them be able to express a brand they are proud of. We went about learning the history of our family, the Auld family, and become proud of what they had achieved achieved over 6 generations in South Australia.  The timing was perfect with the 'Old Boy' (Jock and Sam's father, John) retiring from his 40 years in the wine industry and freeing up some time to give us a hand. 

What is special about making wine in South Australia for you?

South Australia is our home. There is good reason why some of the oldest vines in the world are from South Australia, and that reason is the people and the pioneers, like our great grandfather. The Barossa immigrations believed in what they were doing. And they worked hard for it.

Over the SA has paved it's own identify, particularly in food and wine. It is different from the East coast of Australia and special in its own unique way. 

AFW in 10 years from now?

Family Wines. Hopefully global. The best of the Barossa abroad is what we are aiming for. We would like to be respected and known for offering consistent value. We both looked up Peter Lehman wines, a range that is respected and fit for any occasions; a casual BBQ, right through to a wedding.

Rumours from the Angaston pub suggest the Auld Family are great consumes not just across the spectrum of wines, but Spirits, Beers, Ciders.  Are we likely to see Auld Family Spirits, Auld Family Beers, or Auld Family Ciders? 

Not a chance. Consumers not producers.

Although... The #1 Rule that we had when we started out, was "no pinot". That may be the first rule to be broken. 

If you were a grape variety, what would you be?

As a Crows supporter, a Charddy, a wooded Chardonnay. A bit of character, a bit of intrigue - quite divisive.  

Let's talk about Wilberforce, the trusty stead that is so integral to the Auld Family Wine story, and the name of 2 of your wines.  If you had to jump on Wilberforce, the would you and your full kit of RM Williams gear be able to gallop away into the sunset?

There is a chance Wilberforce may not be fit for task. Horses in that day would have carried a slightly smaller payload

What is your favourite wine in the AFW collection?

The '17 Shiraz Strawbridge. Classic Barossa Shiraz. I feel it represents where we want the brand to be positioned. 

William Patrick Auld. Good looking rooster by any measure. Are we likely to see either Auld donning a bear like the great man himself?


How many Coopers Sparkling Ale's does it take to create a single bottle of wine? 

Plenty. Enough to make purple in the face (Note for those playing at home - 1/4 of a bottle)

AFW - Why should we be grabbing it from the website right now?

The Best of Barossa, and the best value. A taste of home for all Australia's, and a taste of Australia for those in Hong Kong.