HH 'Trickster' Pinot Grigio

Hugh Hamilton

Hugh Hamilton Wines have become stars here in Hong Kong! As a small batch producer Hugh takes pride in every single bottle he producers - with his name and signature a representation of his passion. Genuine kit! 

The Flock is a collection of his favourite (and his 'Black Sheep' followers) wines. They are quirky, they are lively, they good fun; you will laugh with the 'Trickster', you will be wooed by the 'Floozie', you will be lulled in by the 'Villain'. Meet one of the the Flock... 

If this wine were a hat (which it's not), it would be a Chiquita Hat (a Brazilian Fruit Hat). Not to be confused with a Pinot ‘gris’ style wine, this is very clearly a Pinot ‘grigio’ style. Why? Because the fruit was deliberately picked at the lower end of its acceptable range to retain the quintessential crisp, light, fine qualities of both the variety and the region. It’s crisper and drier than your average Gris.


"Our ‘oyster wine’ - or aperitif white. Made entirely from the finest first press fraction, harvested and fermented cool to maintain freshness and lift. The delicacy of the perfume is further enhanced by avoiding oak altogether. BOUQUET & PALATE

Delicate lift of lemon, blossoms, camomile flowers, and fresh cut pears. The importance of flavour can’t be over-stated: with crisp acidity and low alcohol, if the Trickster lacked flavour, it’d be lean and mean. It ain’t! Perfumed blossoms burst into white peach and honeydew on the palate. These are kept in check by a refreshing mineral acidity, dry palate and immaculately clean finish." 

Hugh Hamilton 


Summer dishes and Oysters natural. Anything from the ocean should work a treat. 

JC SCORE 8.5/10 

Bone Dry. Love it. Light and clean.   

Type: White Wine