Coopers Extra Stout 24 x 375ml Bottle


Coopers Extra Stout 24 x 375ml Bottle

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Brace yourself for a robust flavour comprising a blend of fruit, chocolate and hop bitter notes. Coopers Best Extra Stout gets its unique dark texture from specially roasted black malt. It’s everything a stout should be.



One of the things that give our ales that unique Coopers flavour and cloudy appearance is a process called natural conditioning. To achieve this, we add a small amount of live yeast to our beer just before packaging. This causes a secondary fermentation in the bottle or can, which carbonates the beer and eliminates the need for any preservatives or additives.


MALT Roasted Black Malt

YEAST Coopers Ale

HOPS Pride of Ringwood

IBU 40

ABV 6.3%