Heaps Normal Quiet XPA (Non-Alc) 375ml Cans

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ALC: <0.5%


A full-flavoured XPA without the downsides so everyday legends like you can dial up the good times and still perform at your best the next day. Delicious and refreshing just as you would expect from am XPA. Tropical and citrus aroma with a lingering unmistakable beery finish. Unfiltered, with balanced bitterness and a subtle malt sweetness, reminiscent of your old pals.


It is Heaps Normals mission to make a shift to a more mindful drinking experience, dedicating their business to creating non-alcoholic Beer, brewing top-notch products without the hangover so you can create your own new epic normal. Whether meeting a few mates after work, catching a gig or having a barbie, they believed the traditional alternatives to alcohol sucked. Their quest is to reduce the role of alcohol in our culture and share better stories, by turning up the volume on deliberate, inspired and creative acts and moments that make you feel alive. 


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