Tar & Roses Pinot Grigio

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Tar & Roses Pinot Grigio

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Vintage: 2021
Central Victoria, VIC

ALC: 13.8%


When the weather’s feeling sticky and icky, there’s nothing like an acid-bright pinot grigio to really hit the spot. Especially when it’s loaded with honeydew melon, stone fruit and mandarin to boot. Grab yourself a glass of this elegant delight and you’ve got yourself an evening, champion! 


Euro-inspired, Aussie rooted in Nagambie, Victoria. If you’ve had your coffee today, you might know tar and roses are signature characteristics of nebbiolo. Winemakers Narelle King and Don Lewis embodied this same sense of harmony in creating Spanish and Italian varietals with an inventive Aussie twist. Don’s legacy still lives on, with Tar and Roses focusing on the little things and quality fruit to make intense, distinctive and definitively gluggable wines.


In 2021 our pinot grigio was sourced from four main vineyards; one in the King Valley, one in Sutton Grange, the Stratford Vineyard just north of Nagambie as well as the Mitchelton vineyard. The higher altitude of the first two vineyards provide cooler conditions, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly, ideal for the development of the delicious classic fresh peach and pear flavours, while the warmer region brings out the more tropical aromas of the flavour spectrum.


The only thing that sounds more delicious than ‘burnt butter sauce’ is ‘burnt butter sauce with a glass of pinot grigio’. A bit of snapper and a bit of sage and the Michelin Stars will be coming your way in no time.


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