Tar & Roses Prosecco


Tar & Roses Prosecco

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King Valley, VIC
ALC: 11.2%

Pep up a mellow afternoon with this zippy lil companion. Spritzy yet soft, and a finish as refreshing as a Honkers monsoon downpour, get ready for a citrus mousse explosion, swiftly followed by green apples and grapefruit.

Euro-inspired, Aussie rooted in Nagambie, Victoria. If you’ve had your coffee today, you might know tar and roses are signature characteristics of nebbiolo. Winemakers Narelle King and Don Lewis embodied this same sense of harmony in creating Spanish and Italian varietals with an inventive Aussie twist. Don’s legacy still lives on, with Tar and Roses focusing on the little things and quality fruit to make intense, distinctive and definitively gluggable wines.


"The grapes were machine harvested, crushed and pressed through an air bag press in the protective presence of SO2. Cold tank fermentation was undertaken at between 10 to 12 degrees celcius. Pressings and free run were fermented separately but combined post fermentation, after which the wines were stabilised and blended. The base wine was then sent for secondary fermentation which was undertaken in Charmat (pressurised) tanks. Yeast, nutrients and sucrose were added."


Say, for argument’s sake, there’s a celebration. You’ve got an epic lunch planned, a Serious Spread, and first up, you’ve got juicy melon wrapped in mouthwatering prosciutto. That’s when you bring this prosecco out. Bazinga!


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