The Biodynamic Pack

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Natural  ✔️

Organic ✔️

Biodynamic ✔️

Vegan ✔️


Small batch comes in all forms. None more exciting than the Natural / Biodynamic movement. We work with the best Australian winemakers to put together a neat pack ready for you.


*Please note; Small batch comes, small batch goes. We will update the wines this pack regularly - it may change*

3 Pack ($700 per pack)

1x Whistler 'Shock Value' GMS 

1x Whistler 'Thank God it's Friday' Shiraz 

1x Whislter 'Shiver Down My Spine' Shiraz 

6 Pack ($1350 per pack)

2x Whistler 'Shock Value' GMS 

2x Whistler 'Thank God it's Friday' Shiraz 

2x Whistler 'Shiver Down My Spine' Shiraz 

12 PACK ($2400 PER PACK)

4x Whistler 'Shock Value' GMS

4x Whistler 'Thank God it's Friday' Shiraz

4x Whistler 'Shiver Down My Spine' Shiraz