The Sandy Bay RFC Wine Club by Wine Brothers

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The Sandy Bay RFC Wine Club
The only thing better than one bottle of wine is 12.
Delivered to your door.
Every Quarter.
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Hong Kong presents a busy life, a frantic life, a life that can distract you from even the most basic of necessities. And there is nothing more necessary in life than having a box of diverse, captivating and engaging wines at the ready, in the comfort of your apartment or house. Let the Sandy Bay Wine Club by Wine Brothers ease the burden, lift the load and stock your shelves with direct-sourced, small-batch Australian wine in the form of a Discovery Pack, directly to your door every quarter.  
The Wine Brothers Discovery Pack will open your mind, push your boundaries and broaden your horizons. More importantly, it will get you sampling a diverse range of Australia's finest small-batch, direct-sourced wine. An incredible value package delivered right to your door.
The Current Q2 Pack
Updated 1st July 2020

Tar & Roses Prosecco 
Sorby Adams 'Jellicoe' Riesling 
Spectacle Shiraz 
Tomfoolery 'Young Blood' Shiraz

Aphelion 'NB' Grenache 
Spectacle Shiraz 
Tomfoolery 'Young Blood' Shiraz 
Mike Press Merlot 

Spectacle Sauvignon Blanc 
Hugh Hamilton 'Trickster' Pinot Grigio 
Deep Wood Estate Chardonnay 
Mike Press Sauvignon Blanc  
IMPORTANT NOTE - these wines are all subject to change. Small batch comes, and small batch goes. Our range is constantly changing. We never get bored and neither will you.

We like to keep it simple here at Wine Brothers....

Once every 3 months you will be charged the bargain basement price of $1650 HKD ($137.50 per bottle)

Once every 3 months you will receive a Discovery Pack of direct-sourced, small batch Australian wine delivered to your door.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?
A: Nope, never, nada. If you want out, simply go online and cancel your subscription. Or email us. Or Phone us.

Q: Will my credit card get automatically charged?
A: Before each delivery, we will send out an email (very similar to this one, with some better jokes) - you will have an opt out option. Thereafter, your credit card will be charged. Then you get your wine.

Q: Is it true this is the best value Wine Club in Hong Kong, with the greatest small batch wine ever to leave Australia?
A: Good question, and thank you for sending this in. You are correct. Plus.... You are supporting the GDF. 

Q: I only like certain wines at certain times. Can you accommodate my needs?
We at Wine Brothers are a friendly bunch. We will look after you. Don't like something? Want to substitute? You have problems, we have solutions. Email us. Ring us. Post us a letter. We have the answers.

Q: What are the advantages, in addition to receiving great value wine, of joining the Wine Club?
A: Where do we start....
10% off any product within Wine Brothers ever-changing catalogue of small batch wine + you are helping you the Sandy Bay club raise funds every quarter!