The Art of Convention

Wine Brothers Media August 31, 2016

The Art of Convention


It’s hard to believe that our baby, Wine Brothers, was born six months ago, however like all new parents we have been nurturing it every step of the way. It’s been exposed to the big, wild world of Hong Kong and we are delighted with the response so far. Like all parents, we are incredibly proud of our brainchild and are extremely excited to share as much as we can with our loyal, early adopters of the concept that is direct-sourced, small batch Australian wine.


So, what’s new in the third quarter you ask…


Wine Brothers is excited to announce some new arrivals to join our already popular small batch Australian boutique wines. Welcome to the age of pushing the Boundaries of Convention…we consider this the next developmental phase for our baby, the period of “adolescence” if you will. We have passed the teething stages and are embracing the growth and experimental nature of the Wine Brothers teen. In a market place that is full of the same old, boring and mundane wine you are all too familiar with, Wine Brothers provides a youthful energy and experimental attitude that will lure you in.


Like a teenager going off to prom, one can look the part dressed in a suit and tie, but when we let our hair down something very interesting happens. Wine Brothers is about to show you a new way of viewing wine from a shifted perspective. You will be left to consider the meaning of the bottle and its contents, just like viewing a quirky and intriguing piece of artwork. 


Our favourite winemaker from Australia, the great Steve Grimley, has done a sensational job in finding the right artist to bring us some very unique and somewhat unconventional label designs to enhance the Wine Brothers existing collection. Our favourite without a doubt is the dark mystique Black Bunny Shiraz, a throwback to the fifties and sixties. An era when boundaries and norms were challenged and certainly not  something to conform with. Wine Brothers envisage that as you open this wine around the dinner table you will notice a shift in the focal point of conversation, firstly, to the design of the bottle then to the wine itself. We’re ok with that. 


The intriguing and unique designs also feature on the 5OS Nero Blend. The 5OS Nero  is no plain jane wine, so it is fitting that a seductive, oriental-styled lady reclining with two doves be the first image of this tantalizing wine. What could be more appropriately inappropriate in the land of Hong Kong?


At Wine Brothers we go to great lengths to tell you about our differences. That’s not to say we don’t respect and value the classic characteristics that built this great industry, however we will continue to push the boundaries and celebrate our differences. We love everything these creative designs bring… Oh and the wine tastes bloody good too. Enjoy!

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Mojo Prosecco
Mojo Prosecco

Vintage: NV 
South Australia

ALC: 10%


This Prosecco is calling out your name! Super approachable and ready to say Hey!  Aromas of Apple, fresh fruit and citrus. The palette is driven by zingy lime, lemon and yummy strawberries. Creamy meringue builds and finishes with a textured cashew nut finish.

Mojo are seriously passionate about Wine, Good times and Good Vibes! They craft their wine from the best fruit from around South Australia, and love nothing more than trekking around Australia to hunt it out. They are always Affordable, approachable and soooo delicious. Share their wines with family and friends and live life to the fullest!