James Carlile January 19, 2023

5 ways to pair Australian Rosé | Wine Brothers HK

Ahh, Rosé. A fun wine to down with friends or binging Netflix. This refreshing Summer drink is a winner in my books. So, let’s check out what goes best with Summer’s favourite Aussie wine! 

1. Spice

Spice-forward food like Indian Biryani or Moroccan Tagines need a wine that will help the food flavours pop. A young pink wine will have only a few refreshing flavours on the palate which means the food won’t be drowned out by a big bold wine, and similarly the fruitiness of the wine is going to get some herbal goodness from the food. The Auld Family Wilberforce Rosé was picked early which has led to the grenache grapes being full of acid and a slight green-ish spice within the aromatics. There will be complexity across the palate and a mouth watering feel to the meal.

Auld 'Wilberforce' Rosé. Wine Brothers HK

2. Cocktails In the Sun

Nothing better than smashing fruity drinks in the sun. Be it on a junk boat, a rooftop or sitting by the water you’ll be needing to keep those fluids up as the days in Hong Kong get warmer. Want something a little more cooling though? Try a Rosé spritzer. Half Rosé, half Capi Lemonade, some ice and a mandarin orange for good measure! Slowly but surely table wines are being used in more cocktails so if you want to try something new it’s a great place to start.

Another great way is 75ml Rosé, 25ml Applewood Gin and 25ml Lime juice for a Gin and Rosé Gimlet - shake it up, and pour into a martini glass!

Applewood Gin. Wine Brothers HK

3. Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese

A knockout summer dish needs a knockout summer wine. The Whistler 'Dry as a Bone' is cracker and we’re pretty lucky to have a supply up in Hong Kong. Pale pink, aromas of fresh red apple and cherries. Soft in the mid pallet and crisp in the finish. Will go great with a fruit-forward salad, and a very cool label to boot!

4. Rare Meats

If you’re lucky enough to have a barbecue at home, it’s time to fire it up and get some rare lamb on the grill. The juiciness of a just-cooked slice of red meat gives a mouth watering savoury feel to a meal. The flavours become more nuanced just like a refined pink wine. If the meat is un-marinated, get some pesto on the side and try the Auld Family Wines Rosé for some subtly herbal qualities from the wine. As the meat gets more complex with different spices, bring out the Tomfoolery or the Spectacle Rosé - there’s a lot more fruit in these wines which means we need meat and wine that complement each other, not compete.

The Spectacle Rosé.

As with anything, mix it up and see what you find! Australian Rosé is a fast moving, modern part of the wine world which brings diversity of flavour and exceptional food pairings!